Way back when Saban was trying with every fiber of their being to retain the original costumes for the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, they tooled around with the idea of having Toei make more of their own footage again, as they had for some of the final episodes of the first season. But rather than going back to the costumes Toei already had on hand, and which had already passed in seasons two and three, they wanted to have all new designs made for the Zords that more resembled their original forms.

The following crops are taken from some of the filler "Extras" pages or the 2002 Sentai Robo book.

Type A

Concept A for the redone Dinozords.

These are the new concept designes the book refers to as Type A. Notice that the Pterodactyle is bit more robotic than it's originaly mostly-aircraft incarnation. The Triceratops, however, is still designed around the concept of a treaded vehicle, like the original. Notice also, the gold crest on the chest of the Pterodactyle.

Concept A for the redone Megazord.

The new incarnation of the Megazord, Type A. The Tyranosaurus's tail would have transformed into two different weapons. The Drill Tornado, or the Final Arrow.

Concept A and B for the redone White Tiger and Mega Tigerzord.

The new incarnation of the White Tiger would have transformed into a robot mode on its own, just as the original had, and also combine with the new Mastodon, Triceratops, and Sabertooth Tiger for form a new incarnation of (likely) the Mega Tigerzord. Notice how the shoulders of the Tiger would have come together in a Dragonzord-like fashion to form the new chest plate.

Type B

Concept B for the redone Tyranosaurus and Megazord.

The second concept for the Tyranosaurus was a lot spikier. In the Megazord design, this mostly just led to the prominent blades sticking up over the shoulders, but also the Pteranodon seemed to be almost completely remolded to fit against the new Tyranosaurus design. Notice also, that though the crest seems to be the one visible portion of the Pteranodon that stayed the same, it was altered from gold to red.

The Mastodon appears unchanged from designe Typ A. As the image doesn't show lower than the hips, we can only assume that the Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops are similarly unaltered. With those three the same, the Mega Tigerzord pictured above fits the Type B designs as well as Type A.

Type C

Concept C for the redone Tyranosaurus and Megazord.

The third concept for the Tyranosaurus seems to be a sort of compromise between the previous two over-all. However, it has a completely differently molded chest (Type B appearing to be the same mold as Type A, recolored) and a Megazord face that is altogether different than either of the previous two, although it did go back to the mouth-plate like Type A instead of another visible mouth like Type B.

The Pteradactyle appears to be identical to the Type B version. As before, it seems the Mastodon, Sabertooth Tiger, and Triceratops are unchanged. We have more solid support for that belief in the Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops, below.

Concept C for the redone White Tiger and Mega Tigerzord.

Here we see the version of the White Tiger that fits with the Type C Zords, as well as the Mega Tigerzord formed from the same four Zords. The Tiger is completely redesigned, however they did keep the idea of the shoulders coming forward together to make the new chestplate.

The White Tiger would no longer have its own robot mode apparently, but it would have the ability to transform into a large shoulder cannon for the Megazord. It is this picture, in which we can see the distinctive head fins, that matches this second itteration of the Tiger up with the third version of the Tyranosaurus, and of course the second version of the Pterodactyle. This picture also shows us that the Type C Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops are as unchanged as the Mastodon.

Type D

Concept D for the redone Dinozords and Megazord.

While the Type D Tyranosaurus is a combination of very similar visual concepts to that of Types A, B, and C (with the most similarity a throwback all the way to Type A), all four of the other Dinozords are entirely different concepts with this design. Notice that the Pteradactyle now forms the helmet of the Megazord, while the Mastodon forms the new chestplate and arms, rather than the back and arms. Instead of the drill or bow weapons, the tail of the Tyranosaurus is the scabard of a new Power Sword. Sadly, there do not appear to be any color representations of Type D.

Titanus and the Type D White Tiger.

There are actually six different prospective versions of Titanus shown in the book, but the presense of a tiger (albeit somewhat lion-like) makes this one the most likely to fit with Type D. Apparently, this incarnation of the White Tiger would not have combined with the Dinozords, but instead combined with Titanus, becoming Titanus's new chest-plate and tail.

Other Versions of Titanus

Alternate versions of Season 3 Titanus.

These two depictions of Titanus were obviously ideas for Season 3. The version on the left has shoulder guns that become handheld weapons for the Shogun Megazord, a tail that splits into shoulder cannons for the Ninja Megazord, and a chest plate that becomes a shield weapon for probably the Ninja Megazord, though it's difficult to tell from the image. The version on the right has a tail that can become shoulder cannons on Titanus (like his original tail), or a cannon that fits onto the arm of the Ninja Megazord, or an axe weapon for the Shogun Megazord.

Other versions of Titanus.

These incarnations of Titanus are just plain inexplicable. The upper right version is very aquatic looking, while the upper left is quite draconic. The lower version is, well, still draconic, but more radicaly different than any of the others. If any of these three belong to Types A, B, or C, it's impossible to tell.

You know you were wondering about this one.

The Dragonzord.

Appearing as a sketch, rather than in color places it more likely with Type D than any of the others, but it was with the Titanus images, so it's not easy to say. The text indicates this design may have even been intended for use as early as the 2nd season, when the rest of the Zords were those from the Dairanger footage. This reincarnation of the Dragonzord would have transformed into its own robot mode, called the Samurai Zord.

What an interesting look at things that might have been, but were abandoned when Saban just gave up the goat and went with Zeo.