Arrival in Portwenn!

JUNE 9th, 2013

The train ride took about 40 minutes, but I arrived at Portwenn safely. It was very strange… As I exited the train, there were town villagers there to greet me as if they were expecting me.

175px-IsabelleCookie Eloise Kabuki

Isabelle, Cookie, Eloise, and KABUKI! He left Asgard a few days before everyone else, so it was great that we ended up in the same town. He said that they took him in and they were great animals, and that someone else was there as well… and that there were some arrangements made…

Before he had a chance to go into details, Isabelle spoke up, welcoming me to Portwenn… as the MAYOR of Portwenn.


I tried to argue that they had the wrong person… In fact, I was sure I would walk into town hall and find Tortimer sleeping behind his desk… But this was the real deal. Kabuki slipped back as Isabelle handed me a town map.

“You need to see, this Shotty.” Kabuki looked around.

“Just call me Chris, here…” I said as I opened the town map. I saw someone called Roald…


…but one name popped out…



Savannah had made it as well! I’m not sure how she beat me here… but I didn’t care. Savannah, my friend and confidante, had moved into the same town as I did. It was only a matter of time before I found Rocco, now.

There would be plenty of time for catching up, as I apparently had duties as the mayor. Isabelle had arranged for Nook to get me setup in a home… Actually, he gave me a TENT but promised the house would be ready by Monday morning. I called up my circle of friends and made sure we could visit each other, but mostly I did a lot of fishing and bug catching to get the new museum off to a good start. Not to mention pad my wallet with bells. Things were going to be different this time. I was mayor and I was going to beautify this town.


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