Thr story so far… (part two – it’s a wild, wild, world)

It was the year 2005. The treacherous Decepticons have conquered the Autobot’s home planet of Cybertron… No,wait… That’s something different. That was the year I decided to stop my new nomadic lifestyle in the fruitless search for a purpose and settle down once again. I had reconnected with an old friend, Kapp’n, who traded in his dingy for a… taxi. Yeah. He brought me to a town called Asgard. A chance to start over. A chance to go where no one else knew my name. Tht all changed when I saw Pelly at the town hall. Someone so sweet she gave me cavities. Much better than her bitch of a sister, Phyllis. She had moved to Asgard. A friendly familiar face.

Kapp'n Pelly

She told me that after the downfall of Avalon, the town was abandoned. The refugees scattered. Many found their way to Asgard. My heart sank. This included Tom Nook.


I made the best of it. After going through the expected song and dance from Nook, I got settled into a nice cozy home. I met some great new neighbors as well as some annoying ones. The two I bonded with the most were Savannah the zebra and Camofrog the frog. Camofrog in particular was a veteran of some unknown conflict. I presumed he fought in the Gulf War, but he never really said. He reminded me so much of Rocco. We quickly became great friends.

Camofrog Savannah

I soon learned that the animals were keeping a secret. Asgard was but one town in a nexus point in the universe. They had a gate that allowed access to alternate realities. It was through that gate that I met not only alternate versions of the villagers, but new humans as well. Jessica, QT, Myron, Blake, Ellie, Bran, Bryan, and Kari were only a few of the wonderful friends I met that I shared a common bond with. We formed a circle of friends, and crossed the barriers of reality to each other’s towns and formed long-lasting friendships and helped each other along on our own personal journeys. Sure, there was a lot of drama along the way, but many long lasting friendships were formed, too.

As time went on, I began to give myself a new personae. With my home decorated properly and decked out in stylish attire, I became the Dread Pirate Shotty. The villagers adored me. My first mate was a purple mouse named Rod.


Life was good. I had great friends and a great atmosphere. Something was missing though… Rocco. With the encouragement of my friends, I left Asgard in search of Rocco… Camofrog, Savannah, and Rod promised to keep my home roach free.

continued in part three – city slicker


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