The story so far… (part one – a growing population)

Back in 2001, I took the train to a new home. This home was called Avalon. It was a quaint town inhabited by strange animal villagers with odd quirks and the desire for me to perform menial tasks. I went under the alias of “Shotty”. While it seemed to be run by a tortoise named Tortimer, the true power of Avalon was in the clutches of Tom Nook, a seemingly benevolent raccoon who operated the local shop.


It was there that I met some great friends. Rocco the hippo took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. He taught me how to keep Tom Nook at bay, and how to earn a decent amount of Bells (the local currency) by selling fish, bugs, and fossils. As time went on, villagers moved out, presumably to escape the oppression of the raccoon. Some left under mysterious circumstances. New villagers would move in. Some would leave as fast as they arrived. Rocco, though, stayed strong.


Then one day, I got a letter from Rocco. Something came up and he had to leave town. He didn’t have time to explain, he said. My only true friend was gone and I was alone. Sure, there were other villagers, but no one came close to being the friend that Rocco was. Even Chow the panda, who was my and Rocco’s arch nemesis, served as a shoulder to lean on, but he, too, moved on. I stopped caring. I rarely came out of the house. Avalon had become a weed infested wasteland, and I moved on…

continued in part two – a wild, wild, world.

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