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The story so far… (part three – city slicker)

It wasn’t until 2008 that I gave up my search for Rocco. Rather than go back to Asgard as a failure, I moved to a new city… Abydos. It seemed almost prophetic that I was once again taxied by the Kapp’n and greeted by Pelly, Tom Nook, etc. It was almost as if they were following me and anticipated my every move. Once again, I arranged a deal with Nook and this time I bought some beachfront property. I tried not to get attached to the villagers, but they greeted me with open arms… Dizzy, Alice, Tiffany, Gabi, Roscoe… They were all great to me. Well, except for Tiffany. She had a carrot up her ass or something.

Alice Dizzy Gabi Roscoe Tiffany

Abydos had a city within walking distance. There was so much more to do. It felt like I was on top of the world. It housed the businesses of Shampoodle, Katrina, Kicks, and even sneaky old Redd!


After a couple weeks of settling in… you know, the usual… fishing, bug hunting, fossil digging… A new neighbor moved into town: ROD!


My first mate! While by the point, I was using my real name and gave up piracy, Rod was there in Abydos. He told me about how Asgard was starting to become weeded up. There was only so much they could do without leadership. When the businesses of the town left and migrated to Abydos, Asgard was falling apart. Savannah and Camofrog refused to move, but Rod couldn’t take it any longer and had to escape.

I couldn’t go back. Instead, I took care of Rod… Set him up with all of the luxuries I could afford. All the while, exploring the nexus. I met Darrell, Sommer, Lori, and others who helped keep me sane during the inane times.

It wasn’t meant to be. One day I went to visit Rod, and the little rat bastard had his boxes packed. He said he couldn’t bear to think about Asgard anymore, and that a storm was coming. He warned me to get out as well, because it was a storm so powerful, it could wipe out all of Abydos as we knew it. Rod moved away… I figured that he was just blowing smoke until I realized that everyone else was preparing to evacuate. Animals have a sense about impending doom. They really do. Who am I to argue? The next thing I knew, Abydos was wiped off of the face of the map, as if it had been a computer simulation that had been corrupted and deleted.

I found myself back in Asgard. It seems that Rod, Tortimer, Nook, and the others went back there as well. Many of the neighbors that I knew were gone, but Savannah and Camofrog were still there. They seemed to be a shell of their former selves, but upon seeing me, their eyes began to get that sparkle that I knew. It was then that I discovered that, to my horror, Rocco had tracked me down to Asgard… but left when there was no sign of me. He left a message in my mailbox that he would catch up with me someday.

Savannah Camofrog 200px-Rocco

Asgard was too far gone to be saved. It was then decided that we would all leave and go our separate ways, and meet back up in a new town. Maybe this time, I would finally be reunited with Rocco. Everyone slowly packed up and moved out. I spent the past two weeks contacting my long distance human friends. Looks like the band is going to get back together after everyone is settled in. I said my final goodbyes to Asgard…

That was yesterday. Today, I’m sitting at the train station waiting for the next ride to a quaint town called Portwenn. I heard rumors that some of the other villagers were heading there as well… Looks like the train is supposed to arrive at midnight….


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